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1. Modify Settings Tick “Unknown Sources” under your device’s Security or Application Settings.
2. Download Click the Android Apk button to start the download to your device.
3. Install Open the “Downloads” folder and select the app (.apk file) to install.

About Us

VidePay is a simple and secure global crypto-earners platform created with the following mission: "to promote the greatest good, with a particular emphasis on helping man and its environment."

Fully Automated

Create a package that allows you to join the chain of Videpay earners automatically and whenever you feel like it. Decide how much you want to earn and our AI robot will handle the rest for you with just a few clicks.

Become A Manager

Be active, refer and become a manager to automate your bonus income simultaneously towards your financial goal. You can become a manager by referring 50 active participants!


to Participate

What should you do if you decide to join VIDEPAY? It's easy! Please follow the steps below.

Register through a referral link, check your email account for confirmation mail, click the confirmation button or copy and paste the confirmation link to your browser to confirm your email address, log in to the system and activate your account with VAToken. Complete the VAToken order on the system and get your account activated.


To activate your account, check the system Faq on how to activate account 


There are two buttons "Invest Vcash" and "Withdraw" on the system dashboard.

To invest Vcash, click the "invest Vcash button" to enter the amount of Vcash to be locked otherwise click on Withdraw button to cash out your earnings. After Vcash is successfully locked, earnings are immediately triggered by our AI robot, up to 2% daily ROI can be earned by Videpians depending on the model of investment plan I.e either FULL LOCK or HALF LOCK.

You can also participate in our affiliate marketing, You can invite others through sharing and get all complementary levels of team rewards. Invite participants to participate in the system and organized offline activities. For example, brochures, flyers, family visits, small exchanges, and sharing meetings with the VIDEPAY community logo. By performing offline tasks on our news sections, you can share favorite themes with global mainstream social platforms (including Yo, Twitter, Facebook, Wechat, and Vimeo) to develop and build your community. Therefore, you can get more sharing rewards! Your results depend on how you work.

Funds Safety Assurance:
At VidePay, our first obligation is to protect members deposits, we do this strategically and with very low risk trading. Only a fragment of funds is used in every trade and we are cautious during extreme market conditions that is why we win trades 99.9% of the time and we stay away from high risk trading like binary forex trading. That is why we are trusted!

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